Testimonial: Jeff V

Posted by on Oct 5, 2011

After over thirty years as an overweight couch potato workaholic with a high stress job — big surprise, at 53 years old I weighed nearly 300 pounds, had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery. Fresh out of cardiac rehab, I got permission from my physician to start working with a personal trainer and fitness coach. I picked Coach Jackie Mall because of her reputation for deep knowledge and her personal experience with training a wide range of ages and abilities. And because she lives what she teaches; she’s a Ironman and tough as nails. A year later I am more enthusiastic than ever. The results are a great incentive — I’ve dropped 80 pounds and enjoy being in the best physical condition of my adult life. I bicycle often, working my way up to several “century” rides this season. I’ve learned to swim. I’m starting to jog again. I strength train with Jackie once a week. Jackie tracks all the numbers, so I know that I’ve come a long way. And that’s great. But what really keeps me going is how much I genuinely enjoy the process. Jackie has terrific people skills; she uses her focus, insight and humor to read me like a book and get the utmost out of me every single time. Working under Jackie’s direction continues to be a great investment and a very effective pleasure.

One of the unexpected benefits of working with Coach Jackie is being exposed to her advanced athletes – triathletes, marathoners, swimmers, weight lifters. The camaraderie of her extended team is powerful boost that I’ve witnessed and experienced time and again.

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