After over thirty years as an overweight couch potato workaholic with a high stress job — big surprise, at 53 years old I weighed nearly 300 pounds, had a heart attack and quadruple bypass surgery. Fresh out of cardiac rehab, I got permission from my physician to start working with a personal trainer and fitness coach. I picked Coach Jackie Mall because of her reputation for deep knowledge and her personal experience with training a wide range of ages and abilities. And because she lives what she teaches; she’s a Ironman and tough as nails. A year later I am more enthusiastic than ever. The results are a great incentive — I’ve dropped 80 pounds and enjoy being in the best physical condition of my adult life. I bicycle often, working my way up to several “century” rides this season. I’ve learned to swim. I’m starting to jog again. I strength train with Jackie once a week. Jackie tracks all the numbers, so I know that I’ve come a long way. And that’s great. But what really keeps me going is how much I genuinely enjoy the process. Jackie has terrific people skills; she uses her focus, insight and humor to read me like a book and get the utmost out of me every single time. Working under Jackie’s direction continues to be a great investment and a very effective pleasure.

One of the unexpected benefits of working with Coach Jackie is being exposed to her advanced athletes – triathletes, marathoners, swimmers, weight lifters. The camaraderie of her extended team is powerful boost that I’ve witnessed and experienced time and again.

Jeff V
Having been “self-coached” for my 3 years as a triathlete, I decided that 2011 would be the year that I followed expert advice and hired a coach. Jackie has a style of coaching that suits me perfectly. She is very positive but is able to give that subtle kick in the a** when I’m not necessarily feeling that “up”. I definitely had my best season so far and am looking forward to next season already. My “A” race this year was a HIM; I had done one 2 years previous and did finish but did not feel like I had done as well as I could have. In addition, my recovery was horrible and almost caused me to not want to do another long distance tri. This most recent experience was very different, in a good way. In my weekly workout schedule, Jackie scheduled more recovery time than I would have let myself schedule. Prior to my race, I felt very ready, and my recovery was great! Coach Mall takes into account the whole athlete; fitness, nutrition, mental focus.
Mark F
I first met Jackie at Viking Fitness Center. I was out of shape and had no fitness goals. I am a United States Army (Retired), Master Fitness Trainer and have been around trainers and fitness for over 25 years.

Jackie approached me and showed sincere interest in helping me to achieve a fit, healthy, happy lifestyle. She inspired me to join her spin class and encouraged me to set some fitness goals. In the next 24 months that followed, she taught me how to swim, ride a bike competitively and how to combine this with running and strength training. During those same 24 months, Jackie coached and mentored me to the finish line of 6 triathlons, ending with the completion of the 2011 Vineman Ironman Triathlon in California. Jackie poured an endless amount of time and energy into helping me accomplish my fitness goals. She is a high energy, personable, innovative coach/trainer. She is 100% accurate and precise in everything that she conveys, while staying educated and current with fitness related topics. Jackie is very motivationally dedicated and understanding to her clients needs at all times.

As a Certified USAT Coach and 2 time Ironman Triathlete, Jackie brings a lot to the table. She believes in doing things correct. She is brilliantly flexible to your needs, user friendly and totally reliable.

Jackie is simply the best personal fitness trainer that I have ever known or encountered. She is an unparalleled motivator and a true leader. I highly recommend her to either sex of ANY age.

Since meeting Jackie my lifestyle has changed for the better. Ask her about nutrition. She can help with that as well.

Thanks Jackie!

Michael T